Day 117: Straighten up!

Clarify your values by thinking about how best they have served you in challenging situations.

Three things seem to be what every mother wants.
Three things which will make them shout and rant.
You’ll hear it many times before you’re eight:
Cut your nails, wash your ears, stand up straight.

Three things makes every mother proud,
they will shout them, they will say them out loud:
if you do them, she won’t have any fears.
Stand up straight, cut your nails, wash your ears.

Three things are the essence of being a son.
You must always remember to do them, one by one.
A son who does them, never fails:
Wash your ears, stand up straight, cut your nails.

Why ’tis so? No-one knows.
Or maybe, or so the story goes,
A mother’s fright is to have a son,
loved by no other mothers: by no-one!

It might be true, I do not know.
I just heard that my mother told me so.
But for fear of turning a mother’s love into hate,
I’ll cut my nails, wash my ears and stand up straight.

In principle, I disagree, at least a bit.
But when mothers’ agree, you should listen to it.
It doesn’t matter why dirty ears are so bad.
If you clean them, you’ll make your mother glad.

It goes against your pinciples to not blindy obey? Indeed.
But sometimes, a happy mother is the only principle you need.

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