Month 4: A quarter of the way!

Bilde tatt 30.04.14 kl. 11.22(EDIT: Actually, a third of the way…)

Four months, then. 120 days. I cut my hair today, but not my beard: spring is here, but I am already planning for winter. (Or Finnmark: it’s still snow up there.)

The next two months will be a challenge: Humanity (love, kindness and social intelligence). I am not good at befriending others, and I often care a lot more about myself than about my friends, my family or random strangers. The tasks themselves are easy, but they’re still hard. (It’s easy to be kind to a stranger, but it’s hard to convince yourself to do it. The act of carrying an old woman’s bags is easy; the act of being the only one who asks is surprisingly hard.)

Oh well. I have survived these four months, I’ll survive the next two as well. If I manage to write every day, I am halfway to a year.

Let’s give it a shot.

What do you say?