Month 2: From wisdom to courage

Day 59

Nå står jeg foran en vei bare jeg kan gå

A month ago, I asked my readers to help me: what should I do more & better? The answer: just write on and listen to your wife.

I was hoping that the “listen to your wife” wouldn’t get that many votes, but you’re right, she’s wiser than you’d guess by looking at whom she chose to marry.

Today’s the last day of February. I have been writing one blogpost every day for 59 days. Today, I’m done trying to be wiser and more curious and begin my quest to be braver and more courageous. It’s easy to be curious. It’s a lot harder to be brave. But I’ll give it a go.

I need feedback on how, though, so I’ll ask you again: how should I proceed? What do you think I should do to be braver? And to whom should I listen?

(Before you reply, bear in mind that I bought a beard shampoo & beard oil for the first time in my life today. Just sayin’. (But don’t tell my wife just yet.))