Day 118: A short NBA relapse

Monitor whether your next five significant actions match your words and vice-versa.

I checked NBA results yesterday. I bow my head in shame.

It was just that I saw someone post a link to an NBA game on Facebook when I was there to post a link to my latest blogpost, and it seemed like Dallas had won a game in spectacular fashion, and Dallas has been my team for the last ten years or so (I followed their every game in the championship season 2011), and it looked like it was from a playoff game. and that meant that the regular season was over, and that meant I could check up on how the players went up the all-time list, and lo and behold, Dirk Nowitzki has just passed Oscar Robertson and is now tenth on the all-time scoring list…

And indeed, they did win in spectacular fashion:

It was strange coming back to the NBA after four months of absolutely nothing. It showed me what I really like about it: numbers. I love the all-time lists. I find it fascinating how Nowitzki climbs the all-time free throws made list. I also like to watch the games, of course,to feel the sport again: to recognize moves from my own playing days, and to try to figure out what the players and coaches think. But the most fascinating thing remains the numbers.

(My dad has the same thing: when he lived in Halden, he started this list over everyone from that town with a marathon under their belt. The fascination with numbers.)

I don’t care about the glamour and stardom. I have no idols in the NBA, not anymore, I don’t model my life after some random tall and freakishly athletic ball player. I don’t care about which teams win (except when I root for Dallas, and perhaps Sand Antonio, and I don’t want Miami to win again), I wouldn’t pay to see a game unless I could sit a few metres from the court (and even then I wouldn’t pay much), I think much of the hype and the self-aggrandizement is just silly.

As is Carter’s stone face after hitting the deciding three-pointer. Too tough to celebrate, are you?

I did say, at the start of the year, that I would never check NBA results again. But even though I did yesterday, I still don’t care as much as I used to — and I will not check the results tomorrow. I might see a game or two when we go to Norway (my brother’s got a projector…), but I will not spend time looking at box scores. It seems I got rid of my NBA addiction.

Which is a good thing. As an old man, I want to enjoy watching sports, and doing sports, but I do not want my life to revolve around how my favourite team plays or when the next game is on.

My fascination with numbers? I find other arenas — the stats for this blog, for instance…



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