Day 95: Three goals on my fridge

bildeWrite your goals and aims and post them where you can see them regularly.

OK, I’ll write three goals and hang them on my fridge. I’ll see them several times a day, and I won’t be able to forget them. They will be concrete: not “I want ro run faster” but “I want to run a marathon in under four hours.” Which I do, by the way, but it’s too far into the future, we’ll have another fridge by then.

*Set a new Norwegian record for remembering Names & faces at the Swedish Open. The record is 37 in five minutes; my record at Memocamp is36. However, the record holder is one of the top guns in the world, and his record at Memocamp is 58…

*OK, a better goal, perhaps: 2000 points at the Swedish Open. At the moment, my personal bests amount to about 1400 points.

*Row 100k. Meaning I’ll have to row a lot more. Timeline: next summer.

*Get rid of stuff. At least two things given away every week. (Every other day I pick up the kids, I could give away something to the local secondhand shop.)

Three goals: train my mind, train my body, unclutter my existence. That should be enough for now.


2 thoughts on “Day 95: Three goals on my fridge

    • Well, it’s perhaps not very common to participate in memory championships- but it takes concentration and stamina (imagine sitting there for on hour, memorizing thousands of numbers), and it’s one way of attaining flow. Memorisers call themselves mental athletes for a reason. (But if you have other ways I could train my mind, I’ll be glad to hear them!)

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