Day 94: I am a failure

Take control of at least one new situation at home or work, one that you can handle. If you fail, revise your plan but don’t give up until you finish.

I flunked my sailing exam. I didn’t pass. I am a failure.

The exam itself wasn’t that hard. The course lasted for months, I had plenty of time to learn things, and it really wasn’t that much to learn. But I didn’t manage. I was too laid-back (I never did any homework at school, why should I start now?), too lazy (I don’t feel like reading today), too uninterested (whenever it’s about knowing enough, and not about learning to investigate even further, I quickly lose interest) — I was a bad student, and it came back to bite me.

The plan was to pass, believe it or not. I’ll have to revise that plan now. I’ll have to take the test once more, somehow, and avoid giving up just because it didn’t work out as planned. Yes, it’s embarrassing. But wouldn’t it be even more embarrassing not to fight on?

Here’s to showing everyone that I’m able to pass that bloody exam next time.

And to not let this failure make me feel like shit.

4 thoughts on “Day 94: I am a failure

  1. Do you know how many years I’ve been writing my book now? 17. 17 years. I figure if I average 100 pages every 20 years or so I may just finish by the time they shovel dirt over me.

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