Day 100: Five small goals

Set five small goals weekly. Break them into practical steps, accomplish them on time, and monitor your progress from week to week

We’re going to Norway tomorrow. Easter holiday in the mountains, just like real Norwegians. I have five small goals for this trip.

1 Take a deep breath whenever the need arises. (Always wait untill you react, no rash judgments, try to see everything from the other’s perspective.)

2 Enjoy the scenery. (It’s the Norwegian mountainside, for crying out loud.)

3 Give equal attention to both boys (and the baby). (The oldest one will talk constantly, the youngest one will cry at inopportune times; in other words, play more with the middle son.)

4 Feel Norwegian. (It’s been four years since we lived in Norway. It can’t be that much different?)

5 Stay healthy. (Well, I’ll try.)

–Now I’m going back to bed to sleep off this nagging cold…