Day 131: Reunion at the end of the day

Reunite at the end of the day and discuss how it went.

When I go to bed, I fall asleep instantly. The moment my head hits the pillow, I see my dreams lining up and I drift off.

When my wife goes to bed, she discusses the day and plans the next day. Her head is full of what we did, what we could have done, what we should do or shouldn’t do, what the kids would like to do… I seldom contribute much, and when I do, it’s almost always a short remark about what the weather will be like.

We could go to the park, there’s a nice park on the other side of town, or what about going to a museum, did you talk to our sons about wearing socks, it’s still cold outside, do you know the weather forecast for tomorrow?

12 degrees, sunny, little wind.

Oh, it might be too cold for the park, then, unless they wear proper socks, you know, this park across town is very nice, I’d like to go there someday, I…

Not today, though. Today, I’ll say something more than short remarks about the weather. I will reunite with my wife and dicuss our day. (I got up with the kids at 6, but afterwards I spent hours in bed, tired and sick.)

Thank you for taking care of our kids today. How was your day, anyway?