Day 121: Four children for a day

Do three random acts of kindness per week for those whom you know (e.g. baby-sitting).

I did good today — I don’t know how random it was, though. (What is a non-random act of kindness? A premeditated one? A planned act? Or does it mean that the act is chosen regardless of what the person you’re being kind towards needs or wants? I can see you need someone to carry your bags, very well, I’ll… give you a tulip so you can beautify your home. No?)

We had one child extra today. His parents had to work, but there was no school, and so we said we could look after him. He is our oldest’s best friend, after all.

Too bad, then, that our oldest got sick. His temperature rose, his throat was painful, he didn’t want anything to eat or drink, just lie on the sofa and do nothing.

In the end, I took his best friend and our middle son,6 and 4 years old, to the playground. I spoke Norwegian, my son translated, I tried to speak Danish, but no-one understood anything, I went with English, and there was a sigh of relief: his father is English. We managed to communicate.

And the kids managed to play. They hid from me, they ran around the playground, they played basketball (sort of) and football. It was all good.

When he picked him up, his father said thanked us and thanked us again, told us how difficult it would have been if we hadn’t been able to look after him, and said that he owed us a dinner at the very least.

I’ll take that. But it really should be the other way round. We should thank them for letting us help them, not them thanking us for helping. We should thank them for letting us do something good, make the world an ever so slightly place and feel good about it afterwards. I got out in the sun (which I hadn’t done otherwise, I would have made both my sons take a siesta instead), I got the opportunity to practise my social skills (as in “communicate with someone who understands half of what you’re saying no matter what language you use”), I got to see how my four-year-old was immensely proud to play with a six-year-old, I could go on.

Thank you for this day, it was good. I got the opportunity to help someone.

I’ll pay you back one day soon. When all our kids are healthy at the same time.