Day 133: He loves him

Focus on the implicit motives of your loved ones, rather their behaviors.

Remember that a four-year old has trouble when enough is enough.

Remember that a four-year-old doesn’t know how to show love towards a baby: he has to learn that a baby doesn’t like the same as a seven-year-old or as a grown-up.

Remember that a four-year-old can be the sweetest person in the world, and still make a baby cry many times.

Remember that a four-year-old’s motives are the way they should be, ven though his actions don’t betray it.

Remember that a four-year-old will be five in the not too distant future.

And let him learn.

4 thoughts on “Day 133: He loves him

  1. As cheesy as it sounds, there are days when I sit and silently mutter to myself, “this too, shall pass.” And it’s true. Soon he’ll be five. And then he’ll be seventeen and you will be worried about where he is at 1am and you will think back fondly on the days he used to make the baby cry.

    • Ah yes, why is it that one always thinks fondly of the past? Each age has its own worries and its own joys. My rational self says. My emotional self will paraphrase Hamlet and, indeed, think fondly of the days he used to make the baby cry when he roams the city with his scarily teenagey friends and it seems he has forgotten all about his parents and their needs for emotional attachment and feedback from their beloved middle son:

      Doubt thou the stars are fire;
      Doubt that the sun doth move;
      Doubt truth to be a liar;
      But never doubt his love.

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