Day 124: My son, the artist

Attend your child’s sporting events or performances (recital, play, etc) together.

Ah yes. By attending our son’s school performance, my wife and I will feel even more in love. We will beam with pride and get tears of joy. We will remember it many years later as the highlight of our life together in Copenhagen: our son standing next to 27 others from his class, wearing strange hats and singing a song I always disliked when I was a kid myself

Ah yes. That sounds like a good idea.

Especially when I stand as far away from the scene as possible (I am carrying the baby and don’t want him to wake up because of the noise) and my wife stands as close to the scene as possible (to film and see everything up close).

But hey, what don’t you do for love?

Listening to tone-deaf six-year-olds singing old Danish schlagers? No?

Oh well.


Afterwards, my son passed my with his entire class in the hallway. I high-fived him, carefully, to avoid waking up the baby. He beamed with pride. After a few minutes, my wife came out in the hallway as well. She beamed with pride. Did you notice that our son’s class was the best? That they got the most applause? And didn’t he look cute in his pointy hat?

I still had that song ringing in my ears, an annoying earworm, I had been assaulted by three girls who wanted to look at the sleeping baby and go “awwh”. I had spent an hour feeling out of place.

Yes, I said, he did look cute in that hat. And he did sing well, didn’t he? Our oldest son, already six.

On our way back, we held hands.



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