Day 115: Just to write something

Regularly articulate your goals into specific actions. This helps you to stay motivated and persistent.

My goal is to write every day. That means I have to write today as well. I have been sitting here for an hour, just trying to think of something to write. Impossible. I have nothing to say. Nothing that haven’t already been said.

I have nothing to write about, and I might not be able to write anything today, so I write about not having anything to write about, and I have something anyway.


I won’t share this with anyone, it’s not something I am proud of, but it’s like running a marathon: not every step can be perfect, or even good. (During my marathon, I almost fell on a banana peel.)

Nothing to say, nothing to do, now get some sleep. In 8 hours, all three kids will clamor for attention.


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