Day 110: Home again

Why is the first day after a vacation always difficult? Why is it great to leave home, great to be away, great to come back- and less than great to get back into the normal rhythm? The kids stay up too late, and demand more tv and more candy (they’re used to it after a week with family). The adults clean and wash and tidy to get the house back to the way it should be.

Why can’t we just relax? We need to reclaim normality, that’s why. We need to redefine what’s normal, and who’s to decide what goes and what doesn’t. If the kids play their cards right, they might get candy on Fridays as well from now on. Or play half an hour more on the iPad every day. If we, the adults, get it our way, the new rule might be more tidying and less whining about the food.

It’s unavoidable. But I’m glad to announce that the rules stay more or less the same. And that we all get a little bit more willing to compromise every vacation.

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