Day 108: Memento sick

At the cottage again. Asthmatic again. We’re just staying one night, but I already feel the chest tightening, the breath getting heavier, the wheezing slowly appearing again.

This house makes me sick. I have tried many times, tried sleeping in a tent even, and yet I get asthmatic here every time.

Remember that. Do not think that it will be alright next time, cause it won’t. Do not close your eyes and hope for the best. Face it, you will get sick if you come here.

It fits one of the tasks, probably. But now I just need some sleep.

2 thoughts on “Day 108: Memento sick

    • The mountains of Norway have always been very good to me: the air up there is wonderful…
      I survive. Worst case scenario I find a hospital somewhere (I have done it perhaps 10 times in my life, usually in the middle of the night).
      And I survived this time as well. Couldn’t stay one day more, though.

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