Day 106: It’s not fair

Report an injustice, abuse, blatant unethical practice, or abuse of power or resources to appropriate authorities, even if the perpetrator is someone close to you.

It’s not fair, he got more juice than me! (You don’t want to drink more juice.)

It’s not fair, he got to choose which book to read first. (You didn’t want to read untill he did anyway.)

It’s not fair, he can sit in that place. (You never sit, you just run around.)

It’s not fair, he got a lego ship. (You got the even more expensive robot you’ve wanted for the last six months.)

It’s not fair, he can run faster than me. (You gave up halfway making excuses.)

It’s not fair, everyone else can bring candy to school/kindergarten. (So what?)

It’s not fair, the adults can watch TV while we have to go to bed. (You’re too tired to stay awake for more than three minutes.)It’s not fair, why is my foot the only one which hurts? (Don’t worry, we all have something.)

It’s not fair, I am just a child. (True. You are a child. But what’s fairness got to do with it?)

Life is not fair. There are no heavenly scales, and you don’t deserve to win a race just because you were unlucky and broke your finger the day before. I am sorry. I would love there to be some kind of karma, the bad guys got a taste of their own medicine in the end, or that years of suffering gets rewarded in the end, but even when they do and it does, it’s just an accident.

It’s not fair? No, it’s not fair. But what is fairness anyway? He got more juice than you because he was thirstier. Is it unfair that he is thirstier? The other kids get more candy than you, and it’s not fair — but what if candy is bad for you? What if giving you candy would be a Bärendienst? Wouldn’t it be unfair to give you candy?

You will be able to report injustices to appropriate authorities as you grow up, I hope. But I can’t guarantee that, it depends on what kind of society you’re inheriting. You will be able and willing to do something about injustices, i hope. But I can’t guarantee that, it depends on what kind of person you become.

I can only guarantee you this: Life will not be fair. People will die, you will feel pain, you will fail over and over while the biggest jerks somehow will manage to succeed. And there will be no appropriate authorities to receive your complaint: life doesn’t come with a warranty, and complaining won’t make it any better.

It’s not fair? No, it’s not fair.

That’s life.



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