Day 92: How not to waste your time

Attend a seminar or workshop on time management.

So… in order to waste less time I should waste more time? In order to know how to spend less time doing useless stuff I should do more useless stuff? What’s the first thing they teach you at the seminar — you shouldn’t have come here? If you can attend a workshop on time management, you have too much time on your hands.

No, I won’t waste no more time on this. I haven’t got that much time to waste.


2 thoughts on “Day 92: How not to waste your time

  1. I think Stephen Covey summed up time management best – do ‘not urgent, but important’ things above everything else. That’s it. Time management course time saved. Love the whole concept of your blog.

    • Thank you. The whole concept of time management courses is quite foreign to me, but apparantly there’s a market for it.
      Magnificent name for a blog by the way :).

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