Day 91: You want the truth?

Learn and practice the ethical standards of your profession.

The ethical standards of blogging? (I don’t make money from it, but never mind.)

Tell the truth. That’s all.

(Ah, yes — but what is the truth? Can one change a detail to make the main point stronger? Can one mix up in what order things happened in order to make it more coherent? Can one leave out certain things? The truth, the whole truth andf nothing but the truth? What truth?

I don’t mean to say that I lie in this blog, far from it. If anything, it’s an attempt to be as truthful as possible: to put the spotlight on both my weaker and strronger sides to become a better and wiser person as I grow older. But The Truth is not a simple concept, and whenever you try to show it to someone, you invariariably find yourself filling in the gaps with what might have been.

I remember doing A, I remember doing C, I remember doing E — surely I must have done B and D as well?

Memory is a patchwork. Telling the truth is trying to explain that patchwork in words.

I tell the truth in this blog. It would defeat its purpose not to. On the other hand, writing about an episode solidifies that version of the episode, and makes other versions fade: and perhaps these other versions could have been just as true.

I have a good memory, always have had. But I cannot trust it. I might always be wrong. And as I grow older, my memory will faill me more and more, and I must be more and more humble: I seem to remember, but I can be wrong… (Of course, memory can be trained, just like muscles. But that’s beside the point.)

You want the truth? I’ll give you the truth. My truth, to the best of my abilities. I’ll be as truthful as I possibly can, and I’ll try to show as much of the truth as possible. But it’s still my truth.

If you want your own truth, you’ll have to find it for yourself.)


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