Day 84: Don’t give up.

Select a role-model who exemplifies perseverance and determine how you can follow her/his footsteps.

When I buy clothes, I walk into the store, find something OK, buy it and walk out again. When my wife buys clothes, she spends weeks trying to find the right combination of price, colour, fabric, size — and of course how good the chosen item is for the environment and what conditions the workers have.

When I buy anything, I usually end up paying more to make it easier. When my wife buys something, she knows exactly when and why and how — and not least how good a bargain she has made.

When I cook, I’m happy if I don’t burn the pasta. When my wife cooks, it looks like a restaurant meal every time.

When I go to a concert or a pub, I’m happy to find a decent seat. When my wife goes to a concert, she’ll spend half an hour to find better seats — even when we have a seat reservation.

When I do anything, I’m happy to do it well enough. When my wife does something, she’s always annoyed if it isn’t as good as she can make it.  When our oldest son started school in Copenhagen, she called the principal, she made me call the principal, and e-mail him many times, just to make sure everything worked out alright. I felt more like letting things happen by their own accord. (Our son switched classes before he started, because of my wife’s questions, as it turned out there had been a misunderstanding. Without her, I would have realised the misunderstanding in October.)

She just never gives up. When she meets obstacles, she gets annoyed and does whatever she can to overcome them, to prove people wrong, to make her world a better place. Perseverance personified. When I meet obstacles, I stop, think about it, and wait untill they go away. Which they only occasionally do. I don’t want to know what I am the personification of.

But I can learn. And I do learn. I am married to Perseverance, of course I learn, if nothing else by osmosis.

I learn that the world almost always can be changed for the better.

And that giving up usually take more effort than trudging on.

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