Day 80: I hate negativity

Socialize with friends who like to laugh heartily.

I hate negative people. They always talk about how everyone else do things wrong. They say that others wear the wrong kind of clothes, or use the wrong dialect, or think that *they* know so much better. “Hah! Of course they don’t know better, we know that,” negative people say. But they only fool themselves.

I hate it when they come in your door, and the first thing they say is something critical: you shouldn’t have moved the sofa, the cab driver was rude, I couldn’t understand the stupid ticket vending machine, the weather is terrible.

Ah yes, the weather. I hate it when people always find something bad to say about the weather. When it’s warm, it’s too hot, when the wind doesn’t blow, it’s too still, when it rains, all hell is loose.

But the weather was marvellous during the last vacation. In Turkey, the weather was heavenly, in Paris even the rain was charming. In Norway, the weather was terrible, but marvellous, the elements were raging and it was a great sight.

Negative people’s only laughter is a deriding laughter. A besserwisser-laughter.  I hate that.

I think it must be an old man’s disease: As you get older, your mind petrifies: you know what you know, and you do what you do, and that’s the right way of knowing everything and doing it. Consequently, everyone else must be wrong.

But it is not wisdom. In fact, it’s the opposite of wisdom. It’s the opposite of humility, and the opposite of curiosity. Have you ever met a wise old man who derides others?

It’s not wisdom because it’s always either/or. The weather is nice or terrible, this piece of music is either heavenly or garbage, that food is either fantastic or barely palatable. It’s one thing when teenagers think this way, they change their opinions every other month anyway — but with an old person who hasn’t changed his opinion in twenty years, it’s less than wise. When you’re young, your negativity makes you take action. When you’re old, your negativity just makes you a nuisance to be around.

I hate old farts who have got nothing better to say than that everything was better before. Even if it was, who cares? This is what we have now, this is our life at the moment; shouldn’t we try to make it as good as possible instead of complaining that it’s not?

And anyway, why judge? What’s the point of comparing the past to the present? What’s the pin of comparing two things if all you ever get out of it is a rash either/or-judgment? What’s the point of comparing this restaurant to that restaurant when you know you’re never going back to either? Why can’t you just take each restaurant experience as it is without putting a ruler next to it?

Especially when the most important lesson is “that restaurant is terrible” and not “this restaurant is wonderful”.

Especially if a bad restaurant creates anger instead of laughter. You see, it is possible to laugh when the food is awful, you don’t have to complain to the waiter about every little thing.

I hate negativity. I want to be around positive people, people who laugh and smile. The problem, though, is that most people haven’t got  a sense of humour. Any lame joke will make them laugh, and when I say something funny, they just frown and look confused.

Nowadays, some younger people won’t even get references to Monty Python!

There’s nothing Nietzsche couldn’t teach ya ’bout the raising of the wrist...

I hate negativity, I really do. But I am afraid that the world will only get more negative as I get older.

But that won’t try to change it. I’ll just sit here and tell the truth: This is terrible! You are all too negative! I was never that negative when I was your age!

And then I’ll laugh. Heartily.

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