Day 79: Happy happiness day!

Write on issues about which you feel moral obligation.

What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of it all? Happiness. We all strive to be happy. We all want to be happy. Nothing can be better than being happy. We have a moral obligation to be happy. Right? The happier you are, the better your life is?

Today is International Day of Happiness. So let’s try to be happy.

How do you become happy? I went for a run. I ran first one lap around the lakes, then another. The wind almost stopped me on southwards, but gave me wings northwards. I ran on gravel most of the time — ouch ouch ouch — , and my Achilles tendon was bothering me. The weather was nice, though. For the first time this year, it was too warm with a jacket, I should have run with a T-shirt only. Spring’s here.

I came back exhausted. I sat down on the porch, in the sun, with the black, warm door behind me. Happy.

How do you become happy? You torture yourself for 90 minutes in the nice spring weather. Hence, you have a moral obligation to torture yourself. Right? By running barefoot on gravel I am doing my bit to make the Happiness Day a happy day. (Even though I probably didn’t look happy, I seldom do when I am exhausted.)

There are many questions: what is happiness, how do you measure happiness, how do you compare your happiness with the happiness of others, etc. In Bhutan, they have something called Gross National Happiness, and it’s a great example, but not without serious flaws. In Denmark, they are implementing happiness indexes. In Somerville, they are measuring happiness as well. And there are many other places and many other ways of thinking about how to make happiness a priority, and…

But we’ll leave that for another day. The best thing I can do for my happiness right now, is to get some sleep.

I have a moral obligation to get some sleep. Good night.




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