Day 57: I know nothing

Day 57

Det var vel ikke så stor brist

Identify topics on which you can share your knowledge with your peers.

If an alien knocked on my door just now and wanted me to teach him things about the world, what would I say? What would I be able to teach better then my neighbours, friends, family? What do I know?

I don’t know.

I usually say that I know something about barefoot running, but I don’t. I run barefoot, but I’m not quite sure how I do it.

I often say I know something about swearing, but I don’t. I never swear.

I sometimes say I know something about psychology, about people and their behaviour, but I don’t, not really: the first thing you should know when it comes to other people, is that they  never are as you think they are. The second thing is that you always interpret everything based on yourself.

I occasionally say I know something about basketball, but if I ever did, I don’t anymore.

I rarely say I know things from my studies. I didn’t learn that much, and besides, much of what I learned wasn’t worth it.

I never say I know what I really do know, as I don’t know that I know anything worth sharing. Rather than be impressed with my knowledge, I get surprised other people don’t know the same thing. And anyway, if they say they know the opposite of what I think I know, who am I to disagree?

What do I know? I know what I choose to know.  I know that my life is good. But I also know what I cannot choose: I know that everything might change in an instant. I know what I have, but even more, I know that I might loose everything in a split second.

That’s what I would say to the alien: I know this (and here I would point at my life in a Wittgensteinian gesture), and I know that it might change in an instant.

That’s all. The rest is details.






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