Month 1: Bearded and wiser


Day 31

lyfter jag ett tag

I am one month into project old and wise. How am I doing?


I have donated a bottle of our best sekt to a courageous neighbour. I felt good about it for days afterwards. I have learned that everyone claims to be curious, but that curiosity isn’t just aimlessly surfing the net or spending time doing nothing in particular. Real curiosity is wanting to know as much as possible about the world around you. I have learned that there’s no point in feeling sorry for kids here, even though they have no idea how pathetic they look when they toboggan. I have learned that it’s good to learn.

Am I wiser? Can I become wiser in just one month? Of course not. But if I don’t start now, I will in all likelihood become the grumpy, bitter narrow-minded, boring, unwise old man I’m trying to avoid becoming. You won’t run a marathon after four weeks of training, but that shouldn’t stop you from training more.

The question is: where should I go from here?


This one is trickier, Do I look wiser? Do I look older? I saw myself in the mirror yesterday (I usually avoid mirrors) and saw many more white hairs in my beard than I had expected. They disappeared once I turned on another lamp, it had something to do with the angle of the light, but still. I really am on my way to having a white beard. The question is, is that a good thing? And is my beard good enough to be a wisdom beard anyway? And why should I, or anyone, care about a few hairs sprouting in my face?

2 thoughts on “Month 1: Bearded and wiser

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