Day 20: Do one assignment in a different and creative manner

Day 20

Ja jag vill leva jag vill dö

I open.


Today’s task is to do today’s task in a different and creative manner.


I’ve done my best to be creative so far today. I brushed my teeth lefthanded. I…, well, that’s about it so far. It’s not quite enough, is it?

So I’ll write about how I write in a different manner.

But I haven’t got anything to write about, except the fact that I am writing.

Oh no. This is The Unnamable all over again.

I can sing, of course. As if that matters. I can sing the words I am writing and film myself singing and put the song out on youtube, that would be creative.

Or I can go silent, yes, there we have it, silence, that’s the creativity you’re looking for, that’s something else after 19 days of continous writing. You will be silent in the end, so why not now? You will lose your blogging voice eventually, so why not sooner rather than later?

There will be a baby in the house, and two small kids, of course you won’t find time for writing in your blog.

Of course you will.

I have nothing to say. I have words, but they’re not about anything. I have creativity in abundance, but nothing to be creative about.

One cannot be different if one can’t be the same.

Now this is different. I come here to learn, to be wise, to learn how to be wise, and all I get is words, empty words signifying nothing? Where’s the wisdom in that?

In the difference. Ah yes, this is different, this must be wise.

This is not like anything else here, this must be creative.

One cannot be wise if one is not creative.

One cannot be creative if one is not wise.


I consider my assigment done.

I close.




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